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Ninja SP101 reflow oven mod using Reflow Master Pro and an SSR

Disclaimer: This mod below is about as dangerous as it gets. Do not attempt this if you are not qualified. If you get anything wrong here you’re going to get electrocuted and/or your house will catch on fire. You’ve been warned!

I was in JB Hi-fi the other day looking for something when I spotted what I thought would make a far better reflow oven than the Sunbeam I have currently.

The Ninja SP101 is a “digital air fryer”, specs can be found here. Short story is that it’s wide and deep and not very tall, perfect for the panels that will be coming off the new Opulo Index pick and place machine in a few weeks. Oh yeah, did I mention that it’s 2400W?

Ninja Digital Air Fryer at JB Hi-fi

I ordered the new Reflow Master Pro from the Unexpected Maker via his online shop here and I used a 40A SSR from the team at Core Electronics who are not far from where I live, you can get it here.

Once I had enough time to knock it over I got to work. I pulled the wrap around foot/bar off first and pulled the side off to get a look at the wiring and controller board.

Pop the cap to get access to the screws.
Undo the screws at the rear and the bottom. Slide the end panel toward the front and unhook the latches to remove.
Decable the PCB and remove it completely.

At this point you’ll need to cut some wires and wire up your SSR. Hardwire the light and the fan. Mount the SSR and tidy it all up.

The wiring is pretty straight forward:

Fan and Light are always on, heater bars are controlled by the SSR/Reflow Master Pro
Almost complete. Don’t forget to run the thermistors and mount the Reflow Master Pro.

Finally, put the cover back on, put the foot back on and make sure it all looks good again.

View from the rear.
All done!

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  1. Would you happen to have a picture of the mounted ssr after it’s wired up? I have a hard time with the color red, so the diagram is a bit difficult for me. Great writeup, inspired me to go out and get this oven!


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