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Building OpenThread RCP for the NRF Dongle PCA10059

# Clone
git clone
cd ot-nrf528xx
git submodule update --init

# Bootstrap. Skip the following line if you have the GNU Arm Embedded tools installed


# Build
./script/build nrf52840 USB_trans -DOT_BOOTLOADER=USB
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex build/bin/ot-rcp rcp-pca10059.hex

# Produces

# If you have openbootloader installed, do a DFU update using CLI or NRF Connect and flash the above file

# If you don’t have an openbootloader, you’ll first need to flash the following file using a JLink via NRF Connect, or the CLI, then DFU the above file. This will result in a working OpenThread RCP Dongle

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