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  • Ubuntu 20.04 XRDP black screen fix

  • Building OpenThread RCP for the NRF Dongle PCA10059

    # Clonegit clone ot-nrf528xxgit submodule update –init # Bootstrap. Skip the following line if you have the GNU Arm Embedded tools installed ./script/bootstrap # Build./script/build nrf52840 USB_trans -DOT_BOOTLOADER=USBarm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex build/bin/ot-rcp rcp-pca10059.hex # Produces # If you have openbootloader installed, do a DFU update using CLI or NRF Connect and flash the above file…

  • Ninja SP101 reflow oven mod using Reflow Master Pro and an SSR

    Disclaimer: This mod below is about as dangerous as it gets. Do not attempt this if you are not qualified. If you get anything wrong here you’re going to get electrocuted and/or your house will catch on fire. You’ve been warned! I was in JB Hi-fi the other day looking for something when I spotted…

  • NRF52 Jlink Arduino Error while flashing SoftDevice

    The default adapter_khz setting doesn’t ever work for me when using Jlink with Arduino via Sandeep Mistry’s NRF5 board support. Change the following line from adapter_khz 10000 to adapter_khz 2000 in file ~/sandeepmistry/tools/openocd/xxxxxxx/scripts/target/yyyyyyyyy.cfg

  • NRF52832 ws2812b blinky

    Ed Wios on Github has done the hard work: go there and grab that repo. Head over to Nordic and grab the SDK 12.1.0 download from hereDirect link (hopefully): Put the nRF5_WS2182B folder in the ~/examples/ble_peripheral/ folder Open that folder in VSCode and execute the make command via the cli in the ~/pca10040/armgcc/folder,…